What’s in a name?

One of the first decisions you make as a parent is what your child is going to be called. Will they have a more traditional name, or a modern original name? Will they have a middle name? A and then of course, you also have to take in to account the baby’s dad’s opinions.

We both decided we prefer traditional names, and came up with James for our eldest, he also has a middle name, which comes from my family, all of the males on my dad’s side have the same middle name.

With Sam we struggled more to choose a name,  I really wanted him to be called Dylan, or Elliott,  but my oh hated them. 😦 When he suggested Samuel i thought it was perfect! Sam’s middle name was going to be after his dad, but when I realised he was due on my Nainy Fawr’s (welsh for great grandmother) birthday I suggested that we use her (unisex) middle name, as she meant a great deal to me when I was growing up.

Robert’s name was the easiest to chose, as he is named after my father in law, who died when S was just a few weeks old.
I wanted to name a daughter with my Nan’s name but as R is my last I instead used her maiden name as his middle name

With J and S I got nothing but compliments when asked their names, but with R it was different. I got funny looks when I said Robert, one woman even scoffed at me and ‘what sort of a name is that’. At first I was mortified,  thinking I had given my son a name that he will be bullied for, but then I thought differently. He was named after his Grandad, his dead Grandad and he should be proud of that, not ashamed. He shouldn’t be scoffed at, especially as a newborn baby! I am proud of my children, and the names I chose for them!!

What influenced your children’s names?  Have you had negative feedback to them?

Holly 🙂


Parenthood: The Evolution of Mum

In the past 8 years I have changed so much, in so many ways. Physically the changes are obvious,  but there are mental, emotional, maturity, so many changes.

October (ish) 2007 I was an 18 year old sat on my bed telling my boyfriend of 4 years I thought I was pregnant.  It was the most petrifying experience, we had never spoken of children, we were still children ourselves. I was extremely immature for my age and although having children has always been something I wanted to do, I always assumed I would have been older, married and the baby would have been planed…

6 months later, and after 32 hours of labour, my beautiful son was born. I was no longer Holly, my new name was Mummy. It’s almost as if when J was born, I was reborn.  I had to learn quickly. I didn’t even know how to change a nappy, let alone how to bring up a human, this tiny human that was completely dependant on me.

J put me through some challenges, he had horrible colic and screamed from 8 pm until 3 am most nights for weeks. Plus he had issues with feeding ( see previous post). There have been others too, but we’ve got through them all so far though, and I’m sure there will be many other to come. When J was nearly 4 I had S and had to adapt my role again,  I was now mummy to 2 and more experienced. S was a much more relaxed baby and the first few months were a lot more relaxed. My parenting style changed and I looked into baby wearing and cloth nappies. I loved having S in his wrap and feeling him so close to me, so I then bought a few different ones and stuck with a mei tai, which I now use with R sometimes but usually use the buggy as it’s easier for me. The cloth nappies I used for a few months and went back to a few times, but they’ve been sat in a bag in my spare room since I moved house. I did like them, and loved the pretties, but they just weren’t really my thing. I find disposables more convenient, especially as before just recently I had 2 in nappies and a lot of washing to do as it in, never mind 2/3 wash loads of nappies too.

R is my ‘last’ (maybe 😉 ) baby and comparing me after having J and me now, I am much happier.  I am confident as a mother,  and also as a person.  I used to be so self conscious, as years of being bullied chipped away at me. J, S and R have been the mortar filling in the gaps and helping to rebuild myself

How have you changed after having your children?  Or are you the same as you always have been? Let me know in the comments 🙂

A topic close to my heart

When I was having J I don’t think we even discussed how we would feed him. I bought a steriliser and some bottles, but never got round to getting formula. Both me and my husband were breastfed so it seemed the right direction to go in. The bottles etc were a ‘just in case’. When he was about 3 hours old I fed him for the first time. I was exhausted, emotional, everything a first time mummy is just after birth. I held him to my (rather large) breast and waited for him to latch as I’d been taught in my parenting lessons….He didn’t. I was so tired I could hardly function and thankfully my mum took over, she took my breast in her hand and guided J to me and got him to latch. It was amazing, I was the sole nutrition for this beautiful life I had just created. …or rather that is what I was expecting,  it was more a case of ouch!! After 10 everlasting minutes it was over, he’d had his first feed and I was so proud of myself. I was also dreading the next though! J (although I didn’t realise it at the time) was full of amniotic fluids and refused to feed for another 12 hours until he had exploded it all out of his system.  After that the next few days/weeks were tough. I joked I felt like a cow many times as he was rarely seen off my breast.  I didn’t realise this was common, that he was trying to help my body to establish itself as a breastfeeding mother. I thought I was failing him, that my milk wasn’t enough for him. My nipples were cracked and bleeding, my baby was screaming for more a mere half hour after a feed, I got rude looks and comments out and about, and I felt ashamed. I was a bad mother,  a teenager (19 at the time)that knew nothing about parenthood. So I caved, I got some formula and thought I’d mix feed him. That was amazing, the screaming stopped and I was starting to feel human, I gave more bottles and less breast. Until one day, a day that still upsets me to think of. I latched J to my breast, and he started suckling,  but when my milk hit his tounge he unlatched his mouth and screamed,  as though I had hurt him. I tried again a few times but he never drank my milk again, at 8 weeks he was a fully formula fed baby, and it broke my heart 😦

In time I got pregnant again, and was determined I wouldn’t make the same mistakes and I would feed S exclusively. .. and I did… until he was 6 days old and he had his first bottle if formula.  I left him with my mum for 3 hours as I’d prearranged to go to the cinema with my oh.  I left expressed milk but he guzzled it down and wanted more..but we did it, he was breastfed until he was 14 months old and I was so proud ( and still am). Admittedly he did have formula/ cows milk in a bottle for bed after about 9 months but I think that’s irrelevant.

I then had my third baby, feeling like an old pro this time round. He has had the odd bottle of formula,  but it’s only in the last few months that he has regularly had a bottle of cows milk for bed, and that’s after he gourges himself with his booby first 🙂 R is nearly 13 months and I’m hoping to carry on for a while yet 🙂

Please share your feeding experiences with me, whether it be formula or breastfeeding 🙂

My Boys

As you probably realise, i have 3 children, aged 7, 3 and 1, and they are all boys. Their personalities are so vastly different, and yet they are so very similar.


My eldest is James, he is the bench mark for everything the 3 of them do. He is extremely intelligent (and this isn’t a braggy post, it’s a fact, he is better than me at mental maths, times tables, spellings and probably more too), He is funny and daft, and he likes move, in fact I hardly ever see him still. These are his good points, however, he is also silly and immature (for his age) at times. He refuses to listen to me and anything he does HAS to be on his terms. If I ask him to put his shoes away, for example, he will say that he is busy and he will do it in a moment, half a hour later and his shoes will be in the same place, so I’ll ask again, a bit firmer this time, and I get them same reply, ‘I’ll just finish what I’m doing’ if I say ‘No, do it now please’, then he will stare at me and carry on regardless until he feels he’s ready to put them away. This isn’t just shoes though, he is the same with everything, its always in a minute, or when I’ve finished, and hardly ever gets done. We clash more in a day than I do with everyone else in a week! he really wears me down sometimes, but at the same time even at the mention of his name my heart flutters and my chest swells with pride, he is my best friend and my worst enemy rolled up into a 7 year old body.


Sam, or rather Super Doggy as he has decided his name is today(it changes daily), is completely different to J in every possible way, he is cute, and cheeky and funny, he is bright, but not like J, and he is so strong willed, but would do anything for anybody. He is an amazing friend, to all that know him, and such a kind big brother despite being so small himself ( he is small for his age, still sharing clothes with his younger brother). S, at just 3 has a best friend that he is inseparable from (lets call her C as I haven’t asked her mums permission to mention her), she is a girl, a few months older than S, and she is amazing, but oh so stubborn, and argumentative, they are like Yin and Yang, but they get on so well. I’ll probably mention C quite a lot as they do everything together.


Robert is the baby, but already he is turning into a mini J. he is just as stubborn and as daft, but obviously he throws his own personality in to the mix. He’s not talking (much) or walking yet, but still manages to wrap everybody around him round his finger, not just family and friends either, but random people on the bus, and in the street. He is cheeky like S too, and he already has mastered the art of tantrums, he’s had a few bumps on the head because he hasn’t got his own way and has thrown himself at the wall/a toy/ sofa etc.

so there we go, a (not so) brief introduction to my beautiful but crazy family. Tell me about your boys (and girls ) are they like my boys?

Hollypop 🙂

How not to organise a house

I’m not the best cleaner/tidier in the world, and I’m the first person to admit that. I don’t live in a show home, and I’ve been known to run and hide in the bathroom/kitchen/garden just to escape the jobs.  Despite this though, I do try my best to do at leadt the basics every day.
My youngest, R, is just turning 1. He’s recently gone into a cot after co-sleeping with me since birth and is struggling with this change in circumstance. Which basically means he spent all of his day crying, well not crying really, more like screaming, unless I was holding him or wearing him on my back in the wrap. This means I’ve been struggling a lot with housework recently. I finally got him used to being in the cot and now he will even go down for naps!  So i can finally get on with my (not so) new house, between getting married, being pregnant and having baby R I’ve struggled so much and we’ve still got boxes hidden in the spare room ( we moved in just under 2 years ago)
S is at home all day aswell but is starting nursery in september, so I’m taking advanage of the extra slave at home time with my son 😉 any tips on how i can encourage all 3 of them to help more around the home? R cant yet but i want it to be something he gets used to doing 🙂

Cheers for reading 🙂
Hollypop x

Hello world!

So, this is my new blog, I’ve no idea what im going to be writing about, but given that I rarely stop talking I’m sure I’ll find plenty of topics. 😉

A little about me then, I’m Holly, mummy to 3 boys, J(7), S(3), and R(1), and slowly losing my sanity. 🙂
If you have any questions, or want to know anything, then just ask I don’t bite 😉